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Anthony Weiner Announces His Run for Mayor on You Tube: Mistake?

Weiner announces his Mayoral run.  - The New York Post

Weiner announces his Mayoral run.
– The New York Post

Because Blue Shoe has done work for a number of politicians, I like to second-guess political campaign strategies. When Anthony Weiner announced his New York City mayoral candidacy on YouTube, my e-mail inbox was filled with messages from friends saying what a mistake it was. Why would he do that?

Why indeed? I think it was a brilliant move.

Anthony Weiner has troubles bigger than the fact that his very name evokes the mistake he made by sharing lewd photographs on Twitter. God, you cannot make this stuff up. How does he address the issue without having to provide soundbites about it? Video is how, and he did it well. Look at the images that appear on the screen when he says he made some mistakes. No mistake in those choices. “Look, I’ve made mistakes,” he says in the voiceover, as he stands on a tree-lined Brooklyn street, “but I’ve learned a lot.” You hear the word mistakes, but he’s not standing at a podium the way most scum-bag politicians do, with cameras flashing as they stand there like Mrs. Prynne in The Scarlet Letter. He’s loose — you hear him admit his mistake, and in the next second, he’s showing you all of New York City.

Best of all (for him), he doesn’t have to answer any questions, as he would if he were to call a press conference. On YouTube, he can control the responses and delete comments that don’t work for him in favor of comments made by shills — friends, family, assistants, and political cronies who will post commentary that works for him rather than addressing what others might be thinking. By doing that, he gets to be the pundit commenting on YouTube.

Lastly, the younger generation in America doesn’t care so much about scandals. They are YouTube’s voice.

All in all, with the mountain he has to climb, this was a good out-of-the box way of saying, “Yes, I am running. And I will control the messaging.” Well done, Weiner team. But now let’s talk about your Facebook page, which is a whole other story.

Blue Shoe Note to Self: Put words over a picture to sugar-coat a difficult message, and be sure to make the picture irrelevant to the words coming out of your mouth.

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  1. patriotusa76, who was not the intended rcipient at all. However, since patriotusa76 was following Weiner on Twitter, Weiner’s error in hitting the wrong button and thus sending the picture to ALL of his Twitter followers meant that patriotusa76, who was obsessively watching Weiner’s tweets in hopes of catchign something like that, immediately grabbed a screen shot and shared it with AB.IOW, although the other compromising photos (including the naked ones) were given to AB (actually, sold, I am guessing) by Ms. Broussard, she is not the one the gray undies shot was sent to. Unfortunately for Weiner, patriotusa76 was sent the original gray undies photo by Weiner, as were all of AW’s other followers. Sure, AW deleted the picture as soon as he realized his mistake, but by then patriotusa76 had already grabbed the screen shot and used it in a way that is probably perfectly legal, though unquestionably smarmy and disgusting.

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