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Blue Shoe’s 2013 Year in Review


Oh what a year it was!

Exit the Written Word, Enter Visuals

The written word started its downward spiral this year, giving way to images, videos, and all things visual. A picture says a thousand words takes center stage and words are being left behind.

Even The New York Times started to do stories offering a text version with a video version above it. Will video replace text in news? Does it tell a ‘truer’ story? We think it will.

Check out this example:

New York Times ‘A Year of Corporate Fines’

Huffington Post has young people doing shorts in video for all news from entertainment to politics.

Think about it. It saves time. Watching a 45 second video instead of five minutes (or more if you read slowly like I do) to read something is the wave of the future.

Pinterest Brings Ecommerce to Social Media

Finally a social media platform comes forward and actually sells things successfully. Stats tell us that Pinterest is the one: You post things that are way cool and people actually click to buy. Yay, a way a business can actually make money using their social media platform!


You have to be selling something that looks good visually, like a pair of shoes. Doesn’t work for a service (ok, might work for a wedding planner) or a product that doesn’t do well visually.

There is it again: Images rule.

741Google+ is Back

Maybe we should say Google+ is here, not back. Three years ago when it launched, we told our clients to ignore it. We would let them know when it was time to pay attention.

Ok, huddle up; it’s time to pay attention.

Google owns so much, so very much, information about us all that Google+ is now offering opportunities that can leverage your brand, your product sales and over the course of the coming year, customer loyalty, in a way that others have to envy.

So, get with the program and set up your account.

LinkedIn: Not Just for Job Hunting Anymore

Ok, remember when you used LinkedIn to look for a job, find someone to fill a job, or present your most professional self (even if it’s an illusion) to present your most professional self.

It’s a new day for LinkedIN users.

B2B businesses are gaining ground in LinkedIN and people are connecting through LinkedIN to get business, not just jobs. Especially services. In a survey we did for a client, we found that LinkedIN was a vehicle used finding creative talent. Oh my.

We will be using LinkedIN more in 2014 when presenting products and services.

Oh, and a little ‘Can You Believe?’

Facebook turned 10 this year. Seriously, ten?

Jeff Bezos thinks we want him to put drones in the skies so when we look up we will see the Amazon logo rather than the big dipper. We don’t think so.

The Pope gave ‘speaking to the congregation’ a new meaning when he took to Twitter – himself.
Happy New Year Everyone! Here’s to a fabulous 2014.

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