"I am not a grammarian. I'm not particularly innovative, or spectacular in what goes on the paper. I am told that I put on paper what others feel and sometimes can't articulate, or think about before I wrote it. I think I have lived inside my own self most of my life and so the conversations I have with me resonate with others who have been busy conversing with the world rather than themselves."

I am a loner. 

"For me, the hard part in putting my words on paper is to be fearless in looking inside myself for the prose that is authentic, without filtering to make it palatable to those that read my work."


Politics have generally been a man’s game, but no longer. After the Pink Wave in 2018, more women are running for office, and at Her Circle, we want to bring your attention and support to the women making the government work for us all.


From corporate America to small businesses, women are making strides in the workplace. At Her Circle, we are highlighting how women are navigating the professional world to find success.


The countless contributions women have made to history, art and media may have gone unappreciated in the past, but Her Circle News is bringing the spotlight back to women who are influencing a shift in our appreciation of the “her” culture.

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