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Holiday Fruit Cake

Planning for New Year's Eve & Resolutions

You Are How You Wrap

Aging? Who Me?

Stealing from Hotels or Frugal Girl

Abe & Thanksgiving

My Friend Died Two Years Ago: Covid Remembrance

My Thanksgiving Fable

Bills Going Through Congress

Day After Election 2022. Hopeful? Not Me.

Election Day 2022

R.I.P. Leslie Allen Jordan

Halloween Angst: Part Two

My Cycladic Art

Lost Friendship in These Trying Times

Great Female Characters on the Screen: Cristina Yang from Grey's Anatomy. She's my person on the screen.

The Women of the Salem Witch Trials; Then & Now

Halloween Angst

My Dad

Silence of the Lambs. Becoming Clarice

Becoming Clarice

Ya Ya Sisters

My Dog Bay. And Sleep.

Happy New Year.

My Addict Friend. Easy Pay, QVC.

The Queen. Smokes & Mirrors.

My Stuff

Rock Bands in the 70's

Come Home.

My GPS Vivien

Who Among You Will Be the Next Margaret Chase Smith?

911. Twenty-one Years Later.

Tim's Vermeer: A Documentary Extraordinaire

Dead Man's Food

Focus Christine. Focus.

Point of View.

Labor Day: From the Other Side.

Labor Day.

Cutting My Hair

It's 'Just' Me

It's Norman Rockwell's Fault

Humans & Other Species

If This is Fifth Grade, It Must be Cleveland

Inspiration: She Doesn't Come to the Lazy

My Favorite Disney Character: Cruella de Vil

Liz Cheney: My Take

My Friend Lorie

Clouds Illusions I Recall

Backgammon, Tennis & Investment Banking

Debbie at Dunkin Donuts

Good or Evil or Both?

Food Groups

Roe V Wade

Alas. Unfriended on Facebook.

Looking for God in All the Wrong Places

It's My Party.

I'm Turning 70! Seventy Greatest Hits.

Phantom of the Opera & Me.

Finding Perspective. Funeral Blues.

Choosing Books to Read

Competing with My Neighbors

My Brother Who Was Eaten By a Lion

Fourth of July: Part Four: God Bless America: John Adams and Thomas Jefferson

Fourth of July: Part Three: Corruptio Optimi Pessima

Fourth of July: Part One: Love of Country

Fiona Cancels Her Tour

Emma from Norman Oklahoma

Cheney & Pence. Heroes?

The January 6 Hearings: Lines in the Sand

Paul Simon & Politics

Do You Own an Ironing Board?

Johnny Depp & Amber Heard

Post Memorial Day

Insanity & Results

International Turtle Day

Bayley: Terrorist Dog & Best Friend


My Blind Therapist

I Have a Brother

Water: $6.85 a Bottle!

Mother's Day & Tread Mills

I Could Be a Gardener; It Could Happen.

My Abortion Story & What's Next

Me & My Lipstick

Christine Merser Interviews Anne Sebba About her book, Ethel Rosenberg; An American Tragedy

It's Norman Rockwell's Fault

Dropping My Friend Off to Serve Her Time

Father Rooney & The Thornbirds

Being Likeable

Hip Replacement

Ballet or Tap?

My Sister Leslie

Designers. I Miss Kate Spade.

Brownies. Special Brownies. Ok, Pot Brownies.


Reading the Bible

Taylor Swift’s Legs — Worth More Than Her Voice?

Bosnian Refugee Remembers Arriving in the United States


Saving the U.S. Republic (which of course is mislabeled as a democracy)

In a World Where You Can Be Anything, Be Kind

Arthur Miller Never Stopped Writing Death of a Salesman

The West Wing & Ukraine

Middleman Marketing & the Ukraine Trend

Giving in Ukraine

I Hate Yoga

Beware the Ides of March

Good Bye Diet Coke: Hello Memory

Women Waiter Carriers: Early Entrepreneurs

Business & Backgammon & Luck

Two Years & Counting. Gifts from Covid.

Move Over Gucci: RBG is in the House

Jason Epstein: Publisher Extraordinaire Died

Menopause. A Gentle Good-bye

I Hate Yoga