Christine Merser

Marketing personage by day for Blue Shoe Content, which she founded in 1992, just as the Internet was emerging, giving the company a leg up and thirty year head start. I guess we should be further along, but we love that we choose who we call client, do our best work, outside the box of template marketing, and have a no vacation policy, which means we do not track days off.

I write memoir mostly, but I podcast and love to interview Ladies Who Launch, which includes women that might not be on the front page of the New York Times, but damn they have something to share for us all.

I love film and all things on the screen, and am ‘Hollister’ on Screen Thoughts, which is one of the very few film reviewer podcasts that is oriented to the female perspective in look at what’s on the screen. Bout time. More than 85% of film/television reviewers are male. Oh my.

Mostly I just love to write, and I am so grateful that over the years, my blog, Freesia Lane, gave me a following that saw a mirror of themselves in what I wrote. Not always perfect grammatically, but always earnest in searching for the why in what I do and where I’ve been.

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PS… If you play backgammon, I’m one of the founders of Women in Backgammon and you don’t even want to know the outrageous statistics that bring a need to have this organization!

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Writer. Podcaster. Movie Reviewer. Hopeful for a better future for politics and women's issues. It's possible right?