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I'm with you Christine. This film was a Broadway musical on film - very funny and bright...until reality set in...when I realized that Barbie could have contributed to changing the world, when she entered the real world, Now here's how I (a non-writer, but a women's activist and leadership coach) by instead of going to gynecologist. at the end (ugh).....Barbie goes going to a women's rights rally - pick an issue...there are so many reasons to be rallying for women - choice, equal pay, childcare - you name it. And Margot Barbie leads all the Barbies...and even Kens together to rally together and to change the REAL WORLD. Wow! And also perhaps reinventing the Barbie brand to represent ALL body types! You get the idea. Now that would have been a GREAT Barbie film in my opinion.

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