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Love this. I agree 100% and have always had enormous respect for Monica Lewinsky in how she handled a completely humiliating experience that was paraded in front of the world for political and entertainment value. I had never considered the sexual harrassment aspect of Ken Starr's punishing inquisition, but it makes complete sense. She was clearly the victim, and they cornered her like mongoose on a small bird. But turns out, she wasn't a small bird. She was a Harpy Eagle, carrying more than was imaginable under the circumstances, with grace and unbelievable strength. Like you, I would have folded like a paper airplane the minute I got the call. They were bullies in the schoolyard, a freshman hazing of outrageous proportions. Just because they could. It is amazing to me that more people don't recognize her character and her talents and hail her as an example or how to survive hard things. She made a mistake that thousands of young women have made, she just made it in a fishbowl (and let's be real, it's not like it never happened before in that very house). I love the quotes--want to read that whole article. Thanks for writing this, Christine!

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