Jan 4 • 38M

My Interview w/ Dr. Thomas Kerenyi; One of the Groundbreaking OBGYN's in the '70s

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With the events that have occurred over the last year, I thought it was apropos to revisit an interview I did a few years ago with Dr. Thomas Kerenyi, former head of obstetrics at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York and one of the few doctors to step up after Roe v. Wade and perform safe adoptions for women. Dr. Kerenyi describes the panel(of all men we might add)that determined if a women was eligible to receive an abortion, the importance of a woman's ability to receive a safe abortion, and an incredibly unique insight into the institution of Roe v. Wade established in 1970. A hero then and how hard it is to believe that we might be back in a time and place where Dr. Kerenyi, if he were still with us, would need to put his career on the line once again to save women's lives.