Jan 5 • 32M

My Interview with Nina Kozarac: Immigrating from Bosnia to America. How It Feels to Welcome the Afghan Families

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In 1993, almost thirty years ago, families were airlifted out of Bosnia to America, in a situation similar to the one faced by families in Afghanistan now. Our host, for the series Ladies Who Launch, Christine Merser, took a 12 year old girl into her home with her daughter, in much the same way American families are being asked to do now. "I have never talked to Nihada (known now as Nina) about what that was like for her way back then, but she said if her experience could help those coming over now, she would be happy to be interviewed. It was a hard interview. She was 12 when she came to live with us and we never discussed what it was like." Have a listen to hear what it was like for a young girl, plucked from the danger that surrounded her, and brought to America.