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I love hailing this article as a remembrance of our trip

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See Ruth Franklin's biography of Shirley Jackson for an account of what SJ wrote about Salem Witch Trials.... Where everyone goes to party is at what was called Salem Town in 1692. Salem Village was where the principal folks lived. It "went to hell" as it were, following the trials, and lost its existence as a village. Closest thing to Salem Village now is called Danvers.

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I think that’s true but the three places that they were likely hung are in the town of Salem. Either way, the memorials in Salem are the markers of what these women went through for people to visit and learn from.

Turns out that in 1982 the town of Salem, struggling as so many were back then, decided to make the town the place for Halloween and witches. Perhaps that’s why it’s so disrespectful there.

Thanks for reading my column Marty.

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