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Wow I love that song. And I'm not one to love songs when first heard. Thank you for sharing. Perhaps my next comments are relevant and timely to your article. This came up for me this past weekend on my visit to my parents in FL. My mother told me a story, which I've heard before but worth repeating according to her and I agree. When she and my father went to the bank to get a loan for the new house they wanted to build back in 1972, the bank only took into account my father's wages and not my mother who was working as a banquet waitress and making good and steady money. Because she was a women and therefore, I guess seen as "not reliable contributor", they couldn't take out the loan they wanted and had to rely on other means which took longer to get the money they needed. Growing up during that time, I, as a little girl had limited options in sports, among many other things, compared with my brother. I was pissed about that then and I can only imagine how angry I would be today if I was told, my income didn't matter - meaning "I didn't matter". Still shocking to me but grateful we're at least beyond that now.

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